Hyperlinks in Rich Text or Paragraph objects

Hello all,

I had a question about hyperlinks in text containers in appgyver. I’m bringing in text to show my users that at times contains URLs that I would like to be hyperlinks, so the users can click on them and be taken to the given site outside the app.

Does anyone have a way of doing this? See my below screenshot for reference.

Thanks ahead of time!!

You just use an Open URL flow function in the paragraph Tap Event.

Hmm so you are saying extract the URL from the text and then use the Open URL function? Could be an issue if there are multiple URLs in the text. And the URLs aren’t necessarily links to the source of the post itself.

Ideally the text container would recognize that there is a URL in the body and make it a hyperlink, but doesnt seem to be possible. Could i potentially parse the URLs from the text and then use the URL function so that appgyver knows they are hyperlinks? something like JOIN([“first part of the text”, URL(“URL in post”), “second part of the text”, “”) I’m just not sure how i’d separate the text into those three components.

EDIT: or would this not even work because the JOIN function would just then convert the URL to text… or cause an error because the URL isnt of text type.

try using HTML Renderer

<a href="https://www.w3schools.com">W3Schools.com!</a>  is optimized for learning, testing, and training. Examples might be simplified to improve reading and basic understanding.



The html renderer makes the content look cheap, and I cannot figure out how to change the font or the size of the text. It seems like we should be able to use a formula to extract each link from the content, set each link to the value of a key in a list, and make another text element’s (or card containing preview image) visibility dependent on whether the content has a link, so that the click function can be on a separate component.