I am having a problem with the new build for android. The web preview doesn't look the same as the android apk after install

So, my app was working fine. Then I made some changes to the design and downloaded the app again and now its bugged out. The corners of the container are not loading as they are supposed to. They turn out to be flat.

The web preview shows the app correctly.

I downloaded the web app and hosted it on server and its working fine too. Its just the bug with android version. I tried changing the Client ID to latest and it made it even worse and removed the containers totally.

Please help with this error.
(Reference - App ID 550482)
(App link -https://safiourtesting.web.app)

I posted a bug the other day, I think they made some changes recently I just hope they are working on them.

@Surface_Level My issue was just with the design not being as intended. The containers were missing and it looked different than the web preview. I even tried hosting the web version and it was fine. It was just the problem with the android build that look half done. After some bug fixing, I tried removing the shadow of the containers and hence looking normal. I had some problems with login and authentication but they were some logical errors I made and were fixed with some playing around with utility.

The only problem I have is the shadows making the containers rounded feel disappear in version 4.6.36 and containers not appearing colored when the shadows are enabled in version 4.7.36

Sorry I cant be of much help. Ive had some wierd “ui issues” lately, seemingly random but jsut random stuff. I see it more when I do customisations such as borders, shading, etc. Sometimes it just doesnt seem to cooperate.