I appear not to be in Debugger mode

I have just started to use Appgyver. I have noticed people start their first App they start in Debugger mode. I do not see the word “Debugger” displayed anywhere on my screen and Composer is (perhaps unsurprisingly) behaving differently for me. can anyone suggest what is wrong ?

To open the debugger from Composer, click on the bug:


This runs outside of the app as a view into what’s going on under the hood. The app has no other “debug mode” that I know of.


Having tried it the Debugger mode looks very different to that which I have seen on some YouTube videos . It appears not to be the answer to my problem anyway ! I have since noted there have been some changes to the interface in the last couple of weeks and maybe that explains what I am seeing on some YouTube videos (which are not that old).

Appgyver seems to be work in progress. I am wondering whether it is perhaps not the best right now for someone who is just wanting to get an App up and running with minimal time input. It may be free but it doesn’t necessarily meet everyone’s needs.

I’ll try one or two more YouTube videos and if I am not making progress I will probably try something like Bubble instead as a next step. Appgyver may be free but time isn’t !!
I think the developers of Appgyver have lost sight of the purpose of the product which is supposedly to save time.

That’s definitely true, and probably always will be.

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I’m revisiting the tool after 6+ months - since before the SAP acquisition. Am kinda surprised at some of the glaring shortcomings on some fronts.