I can open Pages as a modal only since few days. How can that be?

Hello Appgyvers,

I’ve been having the problem for a few days that I can no longer open pages in the Preview App via the “Navigation > Open Page” flow component. I can only open it as a modal. How can that be? What is the basic difference between open and open in modal? Which circumstance can have led to it going for months and now not anymore.

does anyone know the problem? How did you solve it?

Thank you in advance

Thanks to you @Fred_Kuzyk :woozy_face: hopefully they resolve this ticket soon

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Same problem here… really embarrassing!

Any news ?

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At the date, the android preview has the same problem. It’s make dificult to test the app in Android (make a build to test is very slow method).

Status in bug tracker “Planned”

New SAP Build Apps preview (Open page function does not work) | Voters | AppGyver Community Edition

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