I can’t activate Auth anymore with free account

i am trying to create login page but i can’t activate Auth anymore with free acount. Does anyone can help me how can i create login and signup page without using Auth?

Hi there, you mean that it suddenly stoped working in the app that youre working on
or you made a new app and it asks to upgrade in order for auth to work?

when I made a new app. Do you know what is the reason or how can I fix it?

From what i see there’s nothing different in appgyvers main site, appgyver is still free for life i dont know why this happens to you, If you have more details share and maybe we can find whats going on…

It’s a known issue and they are working on it. See this thread.

Screenshot 2021-09-12 at 21.14.25
after selecting direct third-party authentication in Auth, this window shows that I cant use auth anymore with free that is the problem. please see pic

Hi @Molan_Azeez, thanks for the message, this is a bug with permissions and we’re working on fixing it. You should be able to use auth as part of the free plan.

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Thank you for your reply.hopfully sooon will be fixed :slight_smile: .

This has been resolved. Try it again.

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geart, thanks for letting me know.