I cannot find anything online about what dimensions the launch screen images for iOS should be

Please give me some guidance on how the launch screen images should be created, what size they should be, and why anybody would build an app builder that would allow someone to upload an image the wrong size and try to build an iOS app. Thank you.

If you go through the build process the wizard will show you this.

Here you have all these dimensions. Is this what you wanted?

Been through that a thousand times and the build errors always say wrong size. I made everh asset the size according to the annotations. Then I noticed the asset creators in the apple app store size the launcj screen at 1,048, 2,048, 3,048, so I was trying to find independent info on the size, and cannot find anything. Apple recommends using storyboard not launch screen. It’s a mess I cant build my iOS app and have but a few days left on this rental

I’m afraid you’re making this harder than it really is. :flushed:

ok, get your favorite graphics program. I use Adobe Photoshop. But you can use Gimp, Canvas, or whatever. No matter.
Create a new file. Please give the exact pixel values ​​as you can see for 1024pt @01 this means a file with 1024px x 1024px. square, high and wide.
The attention. I always got the best results with the export to png (24).
I’ve never had a problem with graphics. When exporting, never use compression for web or anything. Maybe that’s it.

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please be precise there is nothing from [quote=“Daniel_Perley1, post:3, topic:19359”]
1,048, 2,048, 3,048
there is something from 1000 x 1000, 2000 x 2000 and 3000 x 3000

so they have to be 1024??? how come the appgyver guide says 1000, 2000, and 3000???

I said in an app on the apple App Store, which is an asset creator app, it creates images 1048, etc. I did not say in appgyver

so let me get this straight, please. When appgyver says 1000, 2000, 3000, for launch screens, it actually means 1024???

No, if it says 1000 or 2000, then it means 1000 or 2000. Please follow the highlighted screen dimensions.
As @Jens_Rohleder mentioned, simply open an image editing software and use those exact numbers there.

The only time you will need 1024x1024 dimension is for the big App Icon. (See above)


ok, that’s what I have always done, and I still get build errors saying cut screen is wrong size for iOS. Must be just another appgyver deficiency.

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We have not had any similar reports. With many successful builds, it seems like a lot of people find their way around the image sizes.

If you have reported this issue to bug tracker, please wait for us to resolve it.