I cannot get back the PersistedUser information

I am saving 4 properties in the PersistedUser:

Here is my persistedUser:

on my Login page logic

When I try to set the authUser using the persistedUser

it does not have any values. so, my Welcome screen is not executing query because id and token are copied from persistedUser to authUser.
Can someone help?
My first-time login works fine. But if I terminate the app and start the app again, I would like to not login again and use the persistedUser to login.
Thanks in advance.

I have resolved this problem. I am new to this platform, but the following thread was helpful:Extracting a string out of JSON returned - #12 by Sasu_Makinen
My issue was storing as JSON for persistedUser. After you retrieve the “get item from storage” it returns in “json” format. You need to get individual items from returned json and storing them to your authUser.
authUser.email = outputs[“Get item from storage”].item.email and so on. Your page event is on “page mounted”.


Just wanted to pop in and say THANK YOU for documenting this. I could not figure out why the backendless documentation for login page logic was not working, but this did the trick!