I can't get PageVariables to change by changing a dropdown

Good morning to all of you AppGyvers. My learning curve looks more like stairs and the next level seems to be too high to reach. I can’t get PageVariables to change by changing a dropdown list. Funny because with text fields it just works fine. What is the difference? Here I’ll show you.

Ok, what to see here?
(Blue) These are reasons why to stay away from your work. Only when it comes to “Krankmeldung” (you are ill) then the container “Krankmeldung” should show up (Red). By default, I set it to “leer” which means empty. This seems to work as it is displayed correctly in my “Log”.
What is the mistake? Where am I wrong. Thanks in advance.


You didn’t have a screenshot to show what you have bound to the “value” of the dropdown – if it is bound to page variable hol_purpose, then this should work.

P.S. for visible, you can just have pageVars.hol_purpose == "Krankenmeldung" and it works :slight_smile: AND for extra points, I would use CONTAINS(pageVars.hol_purpose, "Krankenmeldung")


Thanks to @Mevi it finally works fine.

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