I discovered a way to create a video player that will play in a webview faster and better than any native player

If anyone is interested in creating a better video experience in Appgyver, I have discovered a way to convert a video to json data and play it as a frame player and separate audio file, with a json folder and a simple javascript library that keeps the sync between the two - no buffering, instant play, and you can even add click events on specific items in the video.

This is the demo which got me started looking into this:


I have repackaged everything into a very nice little package for appgyver developers.

The process:

User uploads a video,

A function in firebase converts the video to json data and creates an mp3 (or web) audio file, returns poster image or you can make it where user can select any frame as a poster.

The media is played by opening a webview using the param of the document in firebase with custom function which returns the frame player.

It loads instantly, does not crash app, and is an exceptional experience.

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