I give up! AppGyver UI components are stuck in the early 2000s

That it for me, I’ve had enough! Every step forward feels like I’m fighting an uphill battle.

I really tried, I WANTED to use AppGyver, I gave it more than a fair chance. I spent tens of hours on it more than any other platform but almost every UI component is ugly and non-user friendly. I would be embarrassed to present an app to a paying customer that I developed in AppGyver using the standard UI components. Yes, I’m aware I can modify just about any component to meet my needs but virtually every component I want to use, I would have to modify. It’s just too much effort.

This platform has so much promise and potential, I love the amount of control you have in the Flow editor.

Maybe in a few years when almost all of the components have been recreated to have a more modern look and feel I’ll reconsider AppGyver.

But, until that day - if it ever happens - I’ll be going back to Glide.


Glad that you gave us a chance, but naturally, to each their own tool. If you’re more comfortable with a certain one, that’s what you should go with of course.

We do plan to overhaul our default themes and styles. However, right now we are battling with other challenges we have deemed more important to solve, since, like you said, our users can still style the components to suit their preferences. Default styles aren’t a blocker to development unlike some other issues are, but in the future, we hope to make even the beginning of development smoother with nicer looking components.

Good luck on your journey!