I got stuck in the Xano and AppGyver tutorial

Hi everyone, I got stuck in a tutorial. It’s the Xano and AppGyver tutorial.

The API Endpoints Collection and single Record work.

The list view works. The problem arises when I want to link to the detail page from the list page, I have to bind the ID to the “Page parameters”. The problem is that I can’t connect them because the type is incompatible.

Neither a change to Integer Text, Numeric Text, or Text works because the ID is of the type Number, but I can’t choose that.

What’s wrong with me? Thank you a lot



So yes, the parameter expects a text type id, while you have a number type id available. There’s an easy fix though, you can change the site_id binding (in your first screenshot, clicking on that X under site_id) to a formula, and use the formula function STRING(current.id) to get the id to a text type :slight_smile:

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Hi, following the same tutorial there is a strange point at the end of video. Impossible to reproduced the example because of : The type “object with 4 properties” is not assignable to the type “list of objects”. On my side the field is incompatible. What is the way to solve that?

Hey Thierry_Carron,
My first impression is that you want to make a list out of “SingleBook”. Of course, that’s not possible because it’s only one book. Check out the “Books List” Get Collection. There are many books here that can also be repeated in a list.


HI thank you. No, I got a list repeat correctly with the book image as in the tutorial, no problem with the use of “Repeat with”. But for the “comment” following the instruction guide I can’t do the same operation.

This must be an issue with how your backend is set up. As Jens said, it’s only a single item based on your screenshot. the comments need to be a list of objects. Unless you’re referring to the reviews. Either way, there is only a single item here.