I have a problem with PageVariable in web version

I build a login page. The Login Button is disabled until you check the checkbox with Terms & Conditions. If the checkbox is checked, the Login Button is enabled and you can login. On my Phone it works perfectly, but on the webversion the Login Button won’t get enabled although the checkbox is checked. Before approximately one hour it works perfectly. But now it won’t work.

Here’s how it looks on the phone. The login button on the picture with the checked checkbox is a bit darker/more colourful. This means that it is enabled

And on this two pictures the login button has the same colour what means it is disabled on both pictures.

Maybe you have an idea? I already changed the variable completely with a new one.

Here’s how i build it.

Opera Momentaufnahme_2020-07-13_011549_platform.appgyver.com

I’ve solved the problem. In Web version the binding of the “Set page variable” to the output of the alert doesn’t work.

Yes, this is an unfortunate bug that we are aware of :pensive: