I made a custom bottom sheet using container and animate component

When the custom bottom sheet is opened, it triggers a rest API call to retrieve a users docs they have created in our legacy WordPress site. When they click on the doc, it inserts the doc title and content into the post so they can add an image and publish a post to firebase for the new app. I also plan to make a book creator where they can select a doc for each chapter, ad a cover, and publish as in instant book which can embed in any site or app as an iframe. I then will create an API which will allow any appgyver developer to embed the books into their app and monetize them. Our ad server will display ads between the pages and small text ads on bottom of page which will be related to the content of the book. I have many advertisers already and a potential deal with a couple big apps to provide instant books, kind of like instant articles on Facebook, only for full books which can be navigated and read in any app. If you have ever tried to embed an appvhver web app in an iframe with a custom border, it functions very well. It creates an actionable card which navigates just like an app. Once I grow I want to upgrade to appgyver paid account and help developers monetize their apps with books and other similar user-created content. Just an example of how we can create services which will help each other with this open source and free app builder. There is nothing like it in the world, and that is why I believe in appgyver and support appgyver, though their are some small things which need to be worked out. You can do many things with appvyver. :blue_heart:

Video of custom bottom sheet:

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