I need a database - which options do i have?

Hello there,

i’m trying to build a web app and i need a database in order to store information that users submit.

The problem is: I have a mysql database but i have no idea where to start and haven’t found beginner friendly guides on how to connect them to Appgyver or even how to enable the rest api.

Can anyone provide me with a link or a simple beginner friendly howto on how to add a datasource via the REST Api?

You can’t query a MySQL db directly like this. You’ll need to setup some kind of go-between that handles the db query and passes information back to the app. I did this via Google Cloud Functions and a REST GET call.

Hi there-
You can check You Tube and see all the possibilities that you can use; Xano, Google Firebase etc etc.
You Tube is a great source!

Good luck!

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Hello, it’s up to your needs, indeed Xano and Firebase are good options, but I think the smoothest free option is Airtable. Xano free has a request limitation quickly annoying, while Airtable works smoothly with Appgyver :slight_smile:. Both API documentations are very clear and automatically suiting your tables.

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I tried different options: Xano, Firebase, SQL on my own host, but in the end decided to use Airtable. I find it quite user friendly, affordable and it works well with Appgyver. It also has some very good support materials.

I have just started using Supabase (https://supabase.com) as my REST back end.
It’s working really well!

In terms of connection, Steve Stava’s YouTube playlist has been working for me. Had to tweak the actual API infomormation, but Supabase gives you a great referece. AppGyver & Xano: Becoming a No-coder - YouTube