I need a tutorial and help uploading files

the platform is good to use, but a problem that I have been facing for a long time is the impossibility of uploading photos or files to the platform, this is a very important step in the creation of applications, as there is no definitive and totally clear guide, I am using it a third-party API but unfortunately I still couldn’t make this feature work, as I have no knowledge of codes, I really needed a javascript file and a guide to send “multipart/form-data” files.

I have two videos I made that may help (first will be available later today). The first thing is uploading files, the second is sending files. You could upload files to Firebase (below), and use automation (second video) to send them.

Uploading files: How To Upload Images And Files To Firebase From Appgyver (SAP Build Apps) - YouTube

Automation with make.com: Add Workflow Automation In Your Appgyver App (SAP Build Apps) With Make.com - YouTube