I need help because every time I change something with my app it stops working!

So I started my app with no authentication. Then halfway through decided I want to have a login area. I enabled the authentication and now none of the buttons work in my app.

I have my first screen a sort of splash screen. It was working just fine. It shows my image for 3 seconds and then opens my main page. I have also made it so that if the image gets clicked it will open the main page. But after enabling authentication, its just showing my image. Not opening anything, even when I click it, nothing happens! I didn’t change anything else. I literally only enabled authentication.

Am I missing something? Is this normal? Please help!

Hi! After you enable authentication, you need to ensure that you call the flow function Dismiss initial view somehow in your logic. Otherwise, unless you allow pages to be opened without authentication, you won’t be able to move or interact with anything beyond your initial view (which it sounds you made it to be your splash screen).

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What you may be trying to do is display a page before authentication. Like for example a sign page. Only the default appgyver login page will display without authentication.
On the page that you want to display (the one that opens after the time out) open the page properties by clicking somewhere on the page outside your objects.
Scroll down and click the option to open without authentication.

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I will check to make sure that is on thank you!

Thank you! I will check that. I dont believe I had seen or messed with that. I’ll let you know if it worked.