I need help to get a value

Hello good night, I’m using an API to generate payments, everything is ok with the integration but I can’t get a single specific value from the JSON file, I’ll give an example here


"data": {

    "charges": [


            "code": 137467819,

            "reference": "",

            "dueDate": "29/05/2022",

            "checkoutUrl": "https://pay-sandbox.juno.com.br/checkout/6C5FB274A84ADCC2676B0330B4DCA49EFDB1CD1AC254411A",

            "link": "https://pay-sandbox.juno.com.br/charge/boleto.pdf?token=1860868:m:a64875658d34de0aabef7cf7cb489d4a19b76f1d129019279e100a4266288583",

            "installmentLink": "https://pay-sandbox.juno.com.br/charge/boleto.pdf?token=137467819:c9a13b257250aa50a53b5b8fb839bd5e44ad899bdf7a31084465d7856492176d",

            "payNumber": "BOLETO TESTE - Não é válido para pagamento",

            "billetDetails": {

                "bankAccount": "0001/1000036297-1",

                "ourNumber": "000000137467819-5",

                "barcodeNumber": "38394900000000012750000362970000001374678191",

                "portfolio": "0001"





"success": true


I want to get only some specific values ​​inside the JSON file, how do I do it, which formula

I already tried this and it didn’t work


does not get the value, appears ( UNDEFINED or [Object Object] )