I need to create app with MANUALLY MOVABLE OBJECTS on the screen

Hi, I need to create app with very similar behaviour and look as the LOGIC window is.

  • I need to place objects from some side panel
  • I need to FREELY MOVE THEM
  • I need to INTERCONNECT them with the wires
    …almost identically as the LOGIC window (on the photot on the bottom) itself works.
    Is it possible?..If so, Any tutorials?

Anybody can answer if : It is possible to create similar behavior than “Logic Window in AppGyver is”? …freely move objects + connect them with wires

Not without 3rd party plug-ins, which are not available yet

And when it will be available?..I can wait some time, but not for ever…

Hi John, do you have any idea when the 3-rd party plugin which could do what I need , will be available? …or is there any workarround how to place certain “objects” in screen and then connect them/move them manually/freely on the screen?