I stuck on Google Firebase connector Logic

Hi to all AppGyvers out there. I need your help. I dit the Google Firebase connector tutorial as you can see on Google Firebase connector - Composer.

User authentication with Firebase Authentication works. But I get a white page. Obviously I’m sticking to the Firebase Authentication page. The logic area says “Navigation: Closes the initial view and loads the rest of the app.” What is the rest of the app? Can’t I specify a page here that should be loaded?

Thanks a lot

The “rest of the app” consists of pages that you create to build your User Interface :slight_smile:

In the navigation Tab you can sort them with drag&drop. The page on top will be shown, as soon as the initial view is dismissed.


Ahhhh I see. Thank you so much ist works fine. Will it also work if Navigation is disabled?

Yes, it will work. You can disable navigation and test it in your preview :wink:

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