I upload icon and splash with the size required but it doesn't show when install the app on my phone

I have build my app. I upload icon and splash with the size required but it doesn’t show when install the app on my phone. And i have been trying out different sizes and setting but it has failed. by the time i wrote this message I am receiving another message Build limit Maximum of 5 concurrent builds per user i don’t what to do. some help me.

I had this issue, a few months ago.

First: delete the image you uploaded, save the settings, etc.

Then: upload an image for every size setting. It’s not about your screen size, it’s about what your available screen size is (slightly smaller than your actual screen size) and also what AG thinks the screen size is. (These might be two different things.)

For me, this fixed it. There was a bit of a lag time between doing the above and it actually rendering correctly in a build, but it worked out.

How do I delete the image. and i cannot build any more i have reached 5 build limits

Try making a new file to replace it, instead. Just use a different local filename, in case AG keeps these and doesn’t do anything to save the new file (thinking it’s the same as the old file).

I cannot be build any more

I’m not sure, I’ve never seen this. You may need to change the version code and version name? Or you may have to wait some amount of time that AG has defined before it will let you build again?

I will wait until tomorrow

Yes so the limit is that if you already have five builds queued, you have to wait for one of them to complete before queueing more. This is to not have one user spamming too many builds at once.

But yes you need to upload icons and splashscreens of all sizes. You can use some service to resize them, for example this one.

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Thank you Mevi -
I presume that if I’m doing a web build I would use the Ionic select on the Icon and splash screen builder?
How about when I’m creating my distribution form under Appgyver… it only allows for 1 selection for the icon? How do I select the splash screen or perhaps other icon sizes?

Thnx Mevi

For web app You don’t have an icon or splash screen. The only asset is the favicon, that is shown in the “tab” on your browser when You use the web app. Also there are several issues with the web app title and icon build. Some workarounds have already been tried and read about it more here:

But when you build Your web app it won’t be uploaded to any app-store and it will not show splash screens when loading. This is why You don’t even need that. You will not be able to install that to a device unless it is a PWA (Progressive Web App)… Read more here:


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