I wanna use ROW and CELL , but I can't set data

I wanna use ROW item, but I can’t set data.
Please Help!

I set Row and set Repeat with
“GROUP<product, index, category, products>( data.VsResult1, product.VsDate, { category: category, count: “全”+COUNT(products)})”
新しいビットマップ イメージ.bmp (1.9 MB)

after that , I try to set to CELL’s RepeatWth “current. category” and “current.count”
新しいビットマップ イメージ (2).bmp (1.5 MB)

but I can’t…(appgyver says “incompatible”)

How can I set data ROW and CELL ?

Hi! The cells of a row can’t be repeated. Instead, try containers inside containers! Steps are the following:

  1. Drag a Container onto the canvas. Set it to repeat with the data
  2. Drag a Container inside the Container you are repeating. Set it to repeat with the data inside of the data already repeated.

thanks for reply!

I try to do it! But it didn’t work!
I’m confused! I don’t understand it!

Please Help!

1.Drag a Container onto the canvas. ⇒Set repeat with “GROUP( data.VsResult1, product.VsDate, { category: category, count: “全”+COUNT(products)})”

2.New Container drag to Container i’m repeating.
⇒Set repeat with “current.category”
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then, I saw RedScreen with error console…
I think , I set wrong “repeat with” . But I don’t have any idea without that .


Don’t worry, we will figure this out together.

Firstly, did step 1 work? Did Container 1 repeat with “GROUP( data.VsResult1, product.VsDate, { category: category, count: “全”+COUNT(products)})” work correctly? If you put a text inside Container 1 and tie it with formula to ENCODE_JSON(current), does it look like the correct data?

Second problem might be when repeating Container 2, you have to give a name to either Container 1 or Container 2 repeats. I suggest doing this to Container 1 and naming it products instead of current. That way in Container 2, when you use current, it means the repeat of Container 2, not the repeat of Container 1. I hope you understand what I mean!


thanks for reply!

I wrote incorrect formula.
actual formula is this ,
“SORT_BY_KEY(GROUP<product, index, category, products>( SELECT(data.VsResult1, item.VsDate>= SUBTRACT_DURATION(NOW(), 1, “months” )) , product.VsDate+”:"+ LOOKUP(FIND_BY_KEY(data.JanPlace1, “id”, product.JanPlaceId), “Name”), { category: category, count: “全”+COUNT(products)+“回[” +COUNT(SELECT_BY_KEY(products, “ResultRank”, 1))+"-"+COUNT(SELECT_BY_KEY(products, “ResultRank”, 2))+"-"+COUNT(SELECT_BY_KEY(products, “ResultRank”, 3))+"-"+COUNT(SELECT_BY_KEY(products, “ResultRank”, 4)) +"]"}), “category”,“desc”)"

(too long…)

and I set this to paragraph with “ENCODE_JSON”
then , I can see data.!!

So I set it to Contener1 (repeat as “product” )
新しいビットマップ イメージ (4).bmp (266.3 KB)

and I make Contener2 inside of Contener1
and I wanna set data “product.category”

but I can’t…
新しいビットマップ イメージ (5).bmp (1.9 MB)

Please help …!

Sorry it took me a while to answer!

From the screenshot, it looks like Category is type text, not type List of Objects, like it should be if there are many categories for one product. Also in your data it looks like Category is a text, not anything that can be repeated: the category is a like “2020-09-21:kakitsu” (but in hiragana).

If you only want to show “2020-09-21” and “kakitsu” (in hiragana) under the product separately, that is possible with the current structure (but if you want more information from the category from a different data resource, this will not be enough). The formula for the repeat of Container 2 would be:

MAP(SPLIT(product.category, ":"), {id: item}) 

With this, you can in Container 2 use current.id, and it will be “2020-09-21” or “kakitsu” (in hiragana). Not sure if this is what you want, but maybe this can help you forward?

Thanks a lot!

I can make table with Row and Cell.
I couldn’t understand about these…

I set Group Data to Row.
and Paragraph set to Cell. ← I coundn’t understand this.

Paragraph can set current.XX.

I think , The way is not smart…
But I don’t mind it now.

Hmm… If you draw me an example of how the table would look, I can try to think if there is another way to implement this. But if you are ok with what you have now, that’s fine too :slight_smile: