I want to apologize to appgyver team and everyone here

And it has been hard for me. I often am mean to people who try to help me, and it is to a point it is progresssing. I developed something I want to give to the world before I go.

I hope you let me share this here. Feel free to use it to testify what you can do with Appgyver. You can even make plugins in the form of json objects which attach to events within the app in order to build plugins and monetize them, such as connections to other apis, dicstionaries, story outlines, such as the romance which could ever be, the heros journey, etc. You can also build image templates and another user can dnate to you to use them to promote their book.


The android app is now public beta on gogole play, and the web app is here. I built it to be the first client side for an sdk I developed and api to allow small developers and writers to create a user-owned advertising business and publishing platform.


(seo purposes)hey how is everyone uploading tracemap files?

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