I want to develop application

Hello everyone,
I’m new to appgyver. I want to develop a new application using appgyver.

Our backend is SAP. I want these features;
1- cross-platform operation (my computer is not mac)
2- to send notification / turn notifications on and off
3- language selection
4- create a profile page

Can i do these?

@Rukiye_Endes Hey there!

Not sure about the SAP backend, however, there should be some extra support to this due to the fact that AppGyver has been acquired by SAP.

Our app is running on the Firebase backend, however, I believe most of the features you have mentioned will be the same.

  1. cross-platform - what exactly do you mean by that? AppGyver is written in React native, so it does most of the platforms. (although you will not be able to release iOS app without Mac)

  2. it can be done, turn on/off will be doable via AppVar or local storage settings on user’s device

  3. This is doable I guess with AppGyver Black (paid version), however, good luck in contacting sales. :slight_smile: There might be some workaround, however, I have not found it just yet

  4. Not sure what do you mean by that. Profile page is definitely doable on FE, would you elaborate on that, please?

Hey @Jaroslav_Krajca,
Thank you for your answers. Your answers are usefull for me.
I want to ask question. Is there any resource you can recommend for appgyver and sap connection?

Thx :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no, as I mentioned we are working with a Firebase so can’t help you with that. Either search a forum or docs, maybe there’s something on YouTube as I have not searched for that, so it could be there. However, I don’t know about anything specific, sorry.