I want to link user id to firestore data base and its giving me sleepless nights

i have tried to check whether the api is working on post man, but even there too its not working. please someone help me. am loosing my mind

Am trying to create documents in firestore making sure that the document id is the uid from get current user flow function. i dont know how to get it to work. to me it seem its firestore that has a problem. help me. i wont eat food or sleep well till i find a solution

That’s the spirit :laughing: although please rest and eat
Concerning your problem I am sure there should be one of 10 things that you did wrong while configuring Firebase, connecting it to Appgyver, or binding of variables. So Either you try to identify this unknown problem that you yourself cannot identify and trust me, it is going to take a while and drive you insane… I have been there
Or you go to YouTube and watch some appgyver tutorial that goes through specifically what you want.
In your case, I suggest you go watch
This video which explains in detail each authentication process using Firebase in appgyver:

Check this video to get a better understanding of how to connect firebase with appgyver so as to access documents from the firestore database:

You could also watch this video which takes information from both of the videos above to create user data and automatically login users who already logged in once(I made this video by the way :smile: :

Although i have watched this vidoes already but i will pay more attention to it again. thanks for your prompt response

Also try put and post instead of patch to see if those work, though they may not. Most likely cause is the incorrect url or payload.

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i have left appgyver for flutter flow. it hurts to leave appgyver.