I want to pass parameters to a URL

I want to pass parameters to a URL. I have enabled third-party authentication.

I have enabled “Allow page to be opened without authentication” on the page.
When there is no parameter, it works fine, but when it does, it redirects to the login page.

Somebody? Any idea?

I think some specifics would help if you are able to share them?

Can you open this same URL with parameters from within a browser?

HI Phil

That´s ok

That´s redirect to login page

That looks like another page within your app?

Can you not open it using page parameters?

Without parameters works

I need put parameters for reset password, do you undertand?

No, I can´t picture the flow you are trying to describe.

Once you start talking about URLs then I have to assume that you are outside the AppGyver environment?

URL in the adress bar

I have a feeling you are approaching and thinking about this all wrong, but perhaps it can work as you are thinking as I am newish.

I don´t think you can use the URLs in preview mode for anything. We are building apps here, not web pages, and as such they don´t have URLs except when we are previewing them, and that just because we are editing using a browser.

Think about it in its final form - as an app on a phone. There´s no browser involved and therefore no URLs. Its just pages and code.

I hope this helps. I am not 100% on it, only fair sure.

Hi Phil

Sorry! I believe you are misinformed about what I am doing. I wasn’t clear.

I am using AppGyver to make a web application. Yes, AppGyver can do that.

So, you need to get these 2 new pieces of information before you nail a diagnosis.