I want to run a looping routine 1 time not every time the app is launched

I have a data processing loop that is working and is started on event => App Launched.

I want to use Event => App variable changed, setting a variable, the default is false at launch, to true on event => app launched to start an infinite loop once to collect data for other users and pages to use.

My assumption here is that this can only happen once, regardless of how many launched apps there are.

The loop I want to run is triggered here.

Screenshot 2022-06-09 105709

If I have the App Launched event flowing into the utility function, the loop runs. But as pictured, it does not run.

appVars.appLaunchedFirstLoopAppVar - defaults as FALSE
I set it to TRUE after 5 secs. Loop does not run.

I then added the following set false - delay 1 sec - set true and this did not work. I thought maybe the appVar wasn’t initialized.

Anyone know what might be the issue?