Icon in repeated data

Icon tap to show or hide components isn’t working when within repeated data?


I found no issues with the icon tap event inside repeat components. Could you provide some additional details?

In a repeated row with content data I would like to have an pencil icon and when clicked it would show a container for editing the content in the database that shows in the repeat.

At the moment I can seem to hide or show components using an icon tap flow at all. It just doesn’t work?

Can you show what exactly you’re having an issue with? For example, images of the logic flow that’s connected to the icon tap event. Is this specifically to do with hiding/showing components, or the logic flow not doing anything at all? Are you using page variables bound to the visibility of components, or the hide/show component flow function, or some other solution?

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It’s really hard to send a screenshot of something so simple but doesn’t work :joy:

Icon > Tap > Show Component (Edit Container)

Edit container is hidden.

Can you send a screenshot of a working example?

In this example, “Edit container” has its visibility set to false. The row component is repeated based on a list.


That’s it but I would like the inputs in a container seperate to the list?

In that case, you should bind the container’s visibility to a true/false page variable with an initial value of false and set the icon tap event to change this page variable to true.