Icon loading and delay time after splash screen

Hello! Can we manage Icon loading and delay time after splash screen or we can’t change it?
Is it by default ?

Hi! Sorry for the delayed answer- What do you mean by “icon loading time”?

When i download my app from the Play Market, i see the splash screen that configured in the build service. After that delay time about 2-3 second with loading icon. My question is, can i change them? delay time and icon loading after splash screen?

Hi! No, unfortunately you can’t affect these. The spinner (loading icon) goes away when you call hide spinner from the first page mount, so as soon as possible.

But, good news: 2.4.31 includes some performance improvements, and 2.5.X even more, so once those are available publicly you might see improvements in app opening time.

Thank you for answer! :slightly_smiling_face: