Icon Selection is Not Available

For Navigation , I try to add icons but is not available now? Please help.


Hmm I’m not experiencing this issue, how do you mean it’s not available?

I think i know what youre talking about, if i understand correct, i had experienced this in the past where the option for many components that by default appear, were missing and i also made a post about it, but long story short, i solved it by going on the component marketplace and resetting local template to latest version. If i remember correct, when i did that for one component, (for example for the icon) some others appeared with it and then i did it for one more component and all the others reappeared.

Always add a few few images and screen shots, then people don´t have to try and guess what your issue is.

Noted and will do. Thanks

I have try but still cannot see the icon to select.

FYI, last week when I create a new App, I don not have this issue. But since 2 days ago I have this issue.

You can try create a new Application and try to change Home icon via navigation as per attached


Seems like a bug of some kind, could you submit a tracker issue so it reaches our dev team to get fixed :slight_smile: sorry for the inconvenience!

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yeah i see what you mean its definitely not the same as mine. i hope you solve it soon.