Icons within a container such as a circle should be trained into composite components or they do not trigger functions when click event is placed on container

Something else I have discovered is that when you place an on tap event on a container with an icon inside the container, if the icon is clicked it will not always trigger a function if the icon itself is clicked, but if you click a little outside the icon but within the container it triggers the function always. It is a weird thing and I discovered if you turn the container into a composite component it works better and you will constantly trigger the function. And another thing is, say you have an icon and a small circle container with a textview inside with the position set to -8 top and -8 right to create a badgeview for like count or comment count, whenever the count is larger than zero it deactivates the click event on the outside container and you must click on the count container to trigger a function. If you want to see what I mean I can give you the url.