ID retrieval on Global Canvas

I’m using the formula - LOOKUP(FIND(data.variable, item.idKey==“currentUser”), “id”) - to retrieve the unique ID from the On-device storage data resource and utilize it to set viarous App variables per certain formulas, when I checked this morning 31/03/2022, the app was correctly drawing the data, I’ve made no changes during the day, however checking this evening, it is no longer drawing the data from the On-device storage. I’ve tried to Roll Back to 3 days ago, still has the same problems.

Please advise

Hi! Are you still having issues with this? Could you share some screenshots of the exact logic that is failing?

Hi Mevi

Thanks for the reply, I manage to get a workaround by creating a “Get record collection” on the App launch event, with a filter on the “idKey” set to “currentUser” and using it to set an app variable with the record id - “outputs[“Get record collection”].records[0].id” as there’s only 1 record with the idKey=“currentUser”

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I think this is similar to the bug report of mine: With the 4.x runtime the global page does not load data into a collection variable | Voters | AppGyver

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