Idea to accomplish missing 3rd parties plugin implementation

Hi Guys,
since 3rd parties plugin functionality is still in planning/development phase, why we do not achieve almost all the needs with new components in the marketplace?
For instance it would be nice to have:
Calendar (with date and time)
Calendar with multiple selections
Dropdown list with images
Facebook, Google (or other social) SDK
Other most requested features that can be solved with component/flow



Hi! We are actually planning to release a bunch of components/modules with our upcoming 2.X runtime, as it has better support for cooler component features :slight_smile:

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This is an amazing news! May we know which components you are going to release? I hope some of them will be the one I was expecting for so long time :slight_smile:

We have at least tag input, star rating, thumbnail lists, newsfeed already done, and calendar, chat bubble, quantity selector etc. upcoming :thinking:

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Wow! Is It possible to try them in beta program?

Hi! They’re not out yet, but as far as I understand they’re on course to be published by the end of this week!

Omg! Really!!! Excited to try them soon then! Counting the days :slight_smile: