Idea to create apache Cordoba video view optimized for appgyver webview

Hey guys, I stumbled onto some interesting cababilities within apache Cordoba and believe it may be possible to create a web page more optimized to play a video within an appvyver WebView using a custom Cordoba plugin designed to detect the android WebView and query native android videoView from the browser side. Has anyone experimented with this?

Apache Cordova and React Native are two different solutions for building mobile apps – React Native is for building true native apps and Cordova for web-based mobile apps. Apps from our platform are based on React Native, so anything Cordova is unfortunately not compatible.

You are, unfortunately, not comprehending. If you read my post, I am referring to using apache cordova to build A WEB PAGE which could be viewed in an APPGYVER WEBVIEW. Cordova has unique capabilities and can create a webpage which would function better than a standard browser web page. I am still exploring this but it is indeed compatible. Also, react native does not built true native apps, rather, it uses a JavaScript bridge which is pretty much borrowed from Cordova, and utilizes the same concept - pretty much a WebView. The only true native apps are fully java/kotlin for Android or swift for iOS.