If condition not working on page variable change

I have another area I am stuck on. Currently I have a dropdown on a page where I distinguish if a customer is a new or existing customer. The drop down has a series of customer names already saved in the database and a separate value for “New Customer”. Dropdown formula below:

CONCAT([{label: “New Customer”, value: " “}],MAP(data.customer_collection, {label: item.name, value: item.objectId+”"}))

If they’re an existing customer I pre-fill there name, number and email. This is working fine, however when I select the option new customer, it doesn’t remove the values from name, number, email. The issue here seems to be that my IF condition in my event “Page variable ‘customer_objectId’ changed” workflow always goes down the false path of the IF condition.
The flows are the following:

  • Event - Page variable 'customer_objectId" changed
  • Data - Get record Customer - Grabs the dropdown value by using another component’s proper or output value - Regular customer dropdown (selected value)
  • IF condition - pageVars.customer_objectId == " "
  • If true - Sets page variables (customer_name, contact_email, contact_number) to undefined.
  • If false - Set page variables (customer_name, contact_email, contact_number) to get record (THIS PART WORKS)