If I can't fix this, I may have to give up on Appgyver

I’ve spent 4 days trying to pull individual records from a repeating list on my home page to a 2nd page. Everything indicates the data is being pulled. It shows up on the Composer preview screen and I’ve even set alerts to see that the record id is pulling into the page, but I can’t get the actual record data. When I run the app and click something in the list, the page opens and it says “undefined” where the data should be (or it doesn’t show at all).

I’m using an Airtable table as my data variable and I’ve used Airtable before. In fact, I was using this exact table in this exact app just the other day. When I tried adding in a 2nd API data variable, I made some changes in Composer and suddenly my Airtable data was no longer showing. I’ve tried everything I can think of, including going through videos, reading the forum, playing with Composer in 1,000 different ways. I even re-created the app as a way to test and I’m still getting the “undefined” error instead of the data. I also am only using my original Airtable API data variable. I removed the 2nd API data variable. Still no luck. My head is spinning like the girl in The Exorcist, and I’m about to give up on trying to fix this. I can’t figure out if it’s something I’m doing or some bug in Appgyver that’s causing it. HELP!!!

Here are some images of what I’m seeing. The Company name doesn’t show at all, and where I put the id it says “undefined”.


So first of all, what are you alerting? Is it the page parameter?

The base thing to check would be to drag a paragraph onto the page and tying it to a formula like "debug data: " + ENCODE_JSON(data.ActivistResearch)

Have you modified the default data canvas of the page? Are you able to get the list-type information from your API on a different page? If not, are you able to test the data when you configure the data in the Data section from the top bar?

Thanks for your help Mevi. Yes it’s the page parameter. I set the alert to see if anything is making it’s way through from the home page tap, and it appears the record is making its way through, but I can’t display the data.

I’m not sure if I’ve modified the default data canvas. Where would that be located?

I can get the list-type info from the API on the homepage as you can see in the image. I pulled the company names as a test. When I click an individual company name, it opens my “company” page but the data doesn’t show for that record.

And yes, I’m able to test the data and set the schema based on the test.

I’m thinking it has to do with the GET RECORD, or possibly the page parameter. I can get records from Airtable, but I’m having trouble getting a single record.

Here’s my data variable. It’s set to single record for the “company” page. It’s set to collection of data records on my “home” page where the list is.

Yes so here, you need to set from the side bar the query_id to be the page parameter id which you pass to the page, and you should be able to get the data :slight_smile:

I finally figured it out. It was actually several things, but the primary problem was the data variable wasn’t configured properly. For Airtable, it appears that even though I had my api key in the Base header, for a record I had to put it in again as a ‘api_key=’ query. When I did that I was finally able to get individual records based on their id. Then I had to figure out the page parameter part, which I think is actually more confusing with the new setup. The video you referenced seems to be easier to understand the page parameter function. What I kept doing on the home page was instead of using the page parameter repeat id, I was setting the page parameter to the page parameter I created in the Company page. Not sure that makes sense. Anyway, it’s working now. What a relief!!!

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