If i try to login on tracker.appgyver.com i get an error

When i am trying to login on tracker.appgyver.com to give a request, i only get an error message.

{“error”:“server error”,“eventID”:“7e26c8725bb34fbe92361c570cbf263c”}

Hmm, strange; it’s working for me – does it happen with a fresh browser session (e.g. via incognito mode)? What browser are you using?

I’m using Vivaldi, without incognito mode. I also tried with disabled add blocker, but it does not help.
And it does happen every time i try it. No matter if it is a fresh browser session or not.

i also tried it at my mobile phone. With lastpass browser and also with opera touch. But every time i get the same failure.
Also if i change between mobile data and wlan

now, after some time, i have the same issue. Now i am using Opera GX

is there any workaround on this?
I don’t know, but maybe i’m not the only one with this problem (cause of >100 views)

Yeah haven’t been able to reproduce and haven’t found anyone else having same kind of issues.

Still i can’t login to tracker.appgyver.com.
Actually I’m getting this error: {"error":"Missing name in user data"}
(It’s an other error than before)

Any ideas? Could the problem be the numbers in my username? In Settings i can’t find an option to change it.
Thanks :smile:

Hi! Check that you have set a name here: AppGyver - Composer Pro

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