If logic to compare geo location to static value

Hey AppGyver,

I’m trying to create the following logic flow.

Need a little help.

I’ve created the geolocation puller for both lat and long.

For the stop geo location I wanted to create a custom if logic to compare the geo location data to custom set of numbers.

If they match, I want the stop puller to activate.

Thinking logic flow

Event component tap
Input : start geolocation puller
Connected to input
Is_same: sensor variable /latitude,static value, true, false

Input for true , stop geolocation puller
Output , start geolocation puller

Thoughts ?

I’m playing with something similar myself. Not exactly answering your question, but I’ve built mine to detect once within xx meters of the “target” location. There needs to be a variance as getting exactly the same reading will be very tricky unless you remove a few decimal places from all readings.

Once with xx meters, I have a button that appears allowing the person to go onto the next page.

If what my page does is of interest let me know. I’m new so not exactly sure how I can share it to you.

Hey hey Phil,

Thanks for messaging.

Yah, I ended up converting it to a number and then round to the 6 decimal point.

I’m thinking of placing a delay in the node so there is a little more time to reference.

I tested it last night and it works.

Can you take a pic of your formula and node setup.

I like the idea of within meters.


Did you use multiple lines of if logic

Just a few formulas and variables did the trick.

This is the page. It has a few things showing unecesarily, but I’m still playing around.

This is the flow on the top button;

This is the formula on the above flow that calculates the distance from current location to the target location, which I can input manually for now (I will use variables later).

This is the formula that decides where to display the “you are there button”. Its on its visibility property.