If (status code)

I’m starting programming with AppGyver, I have an API where I make a request, which according to the result gives me 3 statuses, which are 200, 400 and 404… I want to place a dodos condition if I receive the 404 status, it will be true

     if ( status == 404) {
         return ''navigate to another page'

in appgyver it gives me the option to place a conditional but I don’t know how to do it since I have the following

IF(STATUS = 404 , trueValue, falseValue)

This is the api response for this occasion
Error: JSON error response from server: {“message”:“An entry record of the day 2023-08-18 was found that has not yet been closed.”}.status: 404

Next to the get record for the API connect it to an if node and then in the formula for this if node use: IF(LOOKUP(outputs[“Get record”].error, “status”) == 404, true, false)
If it is true then the first output of the if node is triggered, else the second output is triggered