If your app icons STILL aren't working

Like me, you may be one of the users that has not been able to do any iOS releases or updates, as icon bundling has somehow broken in the build process. Here is how I fixed the issue myself.

Despite claiming twice to have fixed this issue, the issue was not fixed for me by any changes AppGyver had made, even yesterday’s 4.x.x runtime releases. I tested across multiple apps, runtimes and with a wide variety of images to make sure it wasn’t the particular images I was using. My solution has worked for me across all runtimes, which was really important for me, as there are significant bugs with image caching in 4.x.x, which one of my apps relies heavily upon.

My png simply weren’t bundling properly in the builds, even though there was nothing wrong with the images. Just out of sheer frustration, as a Hail Mary, I uploaded all of the icons as jpeg in the correct sizes and did a build. The images actually worked as jpeg, but as I understand it, Apple wants your icons to be png. So once I had completed a build and had seen that it successfully bundled the icons properly, I went back and replaced the icons with the original png images again, and it bundled correctly with the png images as well!

I have no clue how this worked, but it has successfully resolved the issue across 3 apps now, after I was ready to call it quits yesterday when AppGyver had fixed it yet again.


I may not have experienced the issue because I think I did this, for no reason other than I didn´t know apple wanted png originally …

Great detective work!!

I guess the issue might have been with the correct image sizes. Also What I usually do is generate the icons and then use a software “photoscapeX” to generate the exact sizes with the resize function.
After uploading the images I click save&next then I go back to see if they are there.
I have never experienced any issue with any builds yet.(However, I have not uploaded any app to. Apple ApStore)

This issue is specific to the app store, so you wouldn´t have seen it as yet.

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