I'm super confused by the state of Previews with this tool

Almost to the point of wondering if this tool is worth it or not.

This is the web preview:

This is the Mac APP preview: (current OS, latest Preview app)

And why don’t I get proper menus at the bottom of the screen?
I can’t believe that a tool this old, and esp. after SAP acquisition, that enough resources haven’t been thrown at this to sort this out.

Using the barcode, the preview is virtually the same on my iPhone at preview.appgyver.com.
But I should’t have to keep my phone on constantly during development.
I’ve seen company vids using the App preview… why is mine so different? It doesn’t even work when tapping a row (which is missing the image and data).

I’ve seen some unresolved differences between mobile app preview and actual app builds – mostly alignment & positioning things that are tough to fix when the preview doesn’t show what the final app will actually do. This instability was due to the recent major style update.

I have no recent experience with web app preview. Your differences are pretty severe.

Hi @jaymer_jaymer, the Mac OS preview app is dragging behind (1.x runtime vs 3.x in the web preview) and hasn’t received the love it deserves, but we’re working on bringing it back soon.

ahh, ok, good to know. i can work with that.

  1. What is THE BEST foolproof method to preview my app?
  2. OK, While the MacOS preview is behind, the deployed app will be as expected on MacOS?

Hi, currently you can build apps for web and mobile (Android/iOS). Best methods for previewing are:

  1. Web → web preview
  2. Mobile → AppGyver Preview app (Android/iOS)