I'm sure I'm making a simple mistake. I would love advice on a workflow I'm building

I’m sure I’m making a simple mistake. I would love advice on a workflow I’m building.

A button tap submits a couple of text inputs to my API with a ‘Create Record’ function. Once successful with API returns the record along with the record ID.

In that same workflow, I want to take that returned record ID and another page parameter to make another ‘Create Record’.

I think I am having trouble capturing the record ID when it is returned.

In the first image, you can see that two properties in the call. “_id1” is supposed to be the returned record ID. “_id2” is just a page parameter from elsewhere in the app.

Then you can see that “_id2” is the only parameter showing up in the call.

Here is a screenshot of my workflow if its helpful

Thank you in advance!

I’m not sure that I follow entirely (I’m pretty new to AppGyver, too–and development period), but my first thought is–are you sure you have the id generated by POST_Activity in the POST_Activity data source response schema?

On many of my endpoints, my body doesn’t include an ID because it’s generated by the database. I have to make sure that I have added the ID to the response schema if I want to use that data elsewhere.

It might be helpful to click on the POST_ActivityRelation node and share a screenshot of that so we can see how you configured it.

Your a genius! It worked