Image assets by storage key?

I have a small number of images uploaded in Composer, and I want to let the data determine which image asset to display.

In a previous post, someone mentioned a “storage key”. How does a “storage key” work for image assets? How can I reliably reference which image to display based on the data?

I tried looking in the forums and in the documentation, but this is all I could find: Storage - Composer
…and it doesn’t mention image assets uploaded in Composer.

Breaking it down:

  • What is a “storage key”?
  • How can I find the “storage key” for a given image asset uploaded in Composer?
  • How can I tell an Image view component to render that asset using the “storage key” as opposed to an image url?

Did you ever get a solution to this?

I’m in the same boat - have uploaded some images but can’t seem to find any way (or any documentation anywhere) indicating how to access these image assets at runtime.