Image Border cutting off Image

I have successfully made an avatar list for the app I am working on. However, when I test it on some devices, the images are cut off at the ends/borders. Does anyone have any idea on how to make it consistent?

Probably a styling issue. I find the best way to display any image is just using a container and setting the background image to the image I want, then in the image settings using “cover” to fit the image into the container. If you show the styling for these containers I may be able to help more

Thank you very @David_Juliano . Here are scree shots of my styling


I did try using the “cover” resize mode and it cut off more of the image.

Maybe try increasing the max width and/or height. If the original image is larger than that minimum, it may default by cutting it off

Ok. will try that. Thank you @David_Juliano !