Image/Container is not resizing

First all is fine.
Then I capture some text.
When the keyboard is hided, it left a blank space.

Any idea to solve this ?

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Best practice is to set a full-page container as the background (100% width/height), nest all of your inputs/buttons/other components inside that container, and then attach a background image to the container:
Screenshot 2023-04-27 143748

Delete the image component. They’re so unstable when it comes to dimension, I personally never use them, but instead containers with set backgrounds.


Thanks a lot.

I solved it on Phone and Tablet (it fills all the screen, without problema when the keyboard is gone) and almost on web.

On web I have a small space below (I don’t know why)

I used this settings for the container:

And this for the image:

Out of curiosity, what formula are you using for the container – or why is its height not 100% such as with width? If you’re trying to replicate what I suggested, the container should be the “highest” object set directly onto the raw page canvas in the Layout Tree.

Also, are you keep the image component?

I was using viewPort.height to take accounted of the top element, but I changed it for 100% :slight_smile:

Problem solved or nah? :wink:

Yes, only have this little gap in web…