Image dimension


I can’t seem to figure this out. Is there a way or formula i can use to make the pictures passed into the large image list fit perfectly instead of in the middle? Because the image list are not equal in dimensions, the pictures sizes are different but i want the picture to fit each container regardless of size. I need any help.

Thank you.

You can go into the component style editor by double clicking the large image list. Then go into “image” and then style in the image section (to the right of properties) and select “cover” for the resize mode.

Then in the layout section (next to “style” at the top) you can select exact or relative dimensions for your images

Sorry for the poor images, I just took pictures of my computer screen using my phone. Also this is how I have mine setup to look like if you were curious…

Edit: you may also wanna change the padding (in the entire image list) and gaps to make it the way you want it to look. Hopefully this helps you.

Hi Donnico,

Thank you for the prompt response. It did not work for me. My resize mode was already set to cover and in the layout, when i do custom, i get something different. I could do custom width because the width will be constant but the height will not be same.