Image Gallery and App size

I want to make an Image gallery of about 500 images in a page of the app, the average image size would be around 1MB each, my question is what could be the size of my app approx? Pls help.

Thanks in advance.

It is better to compress the image to 85% so that it does not lose the quality and that the user does not notice that the image was compressed.

I give you a real example that I did with 230 Images, each image weighed 876KB (Almost 1MB) and with a program called “Caesium” totally free or open source (Official site for Windows and Mac: Caesium - Image Compressor). The images were 120KB almost perfectly the original, and when it comes to making my image gallery with about 3 pages or canvas, I weigh already installed on the mobile:

*For images 27.6MB

*By appGyver codes 120MB

*The App should weigh 147.6MB, but it wasn’t, weight 236MB.

I recommend not compiling the images online, because they put strange codes that can damage, or the store will not let you upload it, since they review it and can take it as a malicious App.

Now if you put it in a database through Apis the images, the application will weigh less, but when the user opens the application and sees the images, the cache will increase again, leaving the application just as heavy.

The more image component you place, the heavier the app will get. While if it is an image call by means of an API, its increase is very little, because the images will be in a repeat list and only one component is used in a recycler list to give it more speed when opening the gallery.

In addition, as there will be many images, it is good to put an empty and background component that goes the image, to avoid using the image component and that each image does not open so slowly, since the empty component accelerates more the opening and loading of all those images that are in list or by grids.

Thanks for your help Movil, could you please help me with the API method? Like I got it that API method would be good, can Google Firebase be used for this?

Thanks again for your help.

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You can use Firebase or also that implements APIs. The advantage of Baserow is that the so-called APIs are free on the free and unlimited plan, but if you limit the tables of the so-called APIs per 100 rows, but you can create your images by categories of 100 images, since the categories are unlimited.

Baserow is very similar to Airtable, if you drive Airtable you can handle Baserow perfectly, but the apprentice is very easy and without so much complication

While with Firebase when calling your images, keep in mind the rules of the limits that Firebase offers you on the free plan.

There is also another option and unlimited in the free plan is, its learning is longer and more complex, but it is very fast when it comes to making an API call (But keep in mind that you must call the API once a week so that it does not put the project on pause).

@Diagonal_Movil Thanks for helping out, much appreciated.

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