Image Gallery Upload question

Hello. I followed the tutorial to create an image gallery and try to better understand the upload logic with AppGyver.

At the end I was able to upload an image, get the storage key, then get the downloadUrl from the download bucket.

My only problem is that the download url is not working correctly.
I paste that link or set it as an image source and it doesn’t show.

Is there anything else I’m missing.

Thanks in advance.

The URL is temporary and valid only for 15 minutes. You would need to regenerate an url with the storageKey when needed.

I do a fresh upload and the download url is not working.
All of this within that time range.

What solution can you recommend to upload images without that time constraint.

This behaviour sounds like the file is not uploaded correctly. If you share your app id I could take a look at your setup.

Thanks for the help.
Here. 119334

I have an image container that should show the image with the downloadUrl.

Found the issue. We’ll try to get this sorted asap.

Hope you don’t mind I made changes to your sandbox while debugging :grimacing:

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This should be fixed if you update your Upload files flow function

I´m having similar issue.
will you be able to take a look on my app 206749/pages/28