Image loading delay

To be honest this is more my absolute lack of knowledge about best practice than an issue with AppGyver but hoping someone here has some good advice :crossed_fingers:

Basically, I have an image on my log-in page which seems to take a couple of seconds to load in the preview app. I resized it from like 3000px to 600px width but that didn’t seem to hugely impact the load time. I also tried hosting it outside of the AppGyver s3 but that didn’t do anything either.

Is the issue the size, and if so any tips for resizing it appropriately?

Hi! Yeah image load can take some time, and the size of it via Composer doesn’t matter. Rather, if it’s a very large image, I recommend resizing it in either some online service or just yourself on your computer. Despite this, it can take a moment for the image to load. In one of my apps, I’ve made a workaround for loading images where it shows a spinner while it waits for an image to load, if you’d like I can explain how I’ve done it for you. (In the future we plan to add spinner features to the image component itself, but as of now there isn’t such)

Actually, I think I’ll make a module for an image with spinner :thinking:

Thanks Mevi! Good to know. Maybe you could share how you get your spinner to work, mine does not :sweat_smile:


Also really interested in this component. Would be interested in the logic you used as well. I am programatically adding images from an API and the few seconds to load is hard to work around.

Hi! The image with spinner component is available now! You can find it if you search “image with loading spinner” from the marketplace, and you can see the logic by opening it in isolation mode.

Hi Mevi, has this component been removed from marketplace? I cant seem to find it