Image not appearing correctly in runtime 2.4.28


I build my apps using runtime 2.4.28. However, all of my images are not appearing correctly. The static image which I put at the login page does not appear at all. While the image I used for profile image, taken from Xano backend database, was zoomed in

Both of the images appear correctly when building using the WebApp and I published using runtime 2.4.26.

Coincidently the image at the profile image also not appearing correctly at AppGyver Preview, but the static image was fine.

Hope AppGyver team will have a look at this issue.


I tested with the newer version (2.4.30 through AppGyver Preview Beta program on Android) and at least for me, it got better there…however, for me it was only an issue in the preview app and not in the final build then.


This issue is being worked on, hope to have a final fix out tomorrow!

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Great! Thank you so much @Harri_Sarsa . Will be waiting for it

This should be fixed now in 2.4.33!

Yup it’s fine now. Thanks a lot!

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