Image Position Wants to Be "Absolute" No Matter What I Do


I have a repeating row in my web app, with one image displayed per row. I have definitely set the image Advanced Properties: Position to “Relative.” However, the stylesheet that the app builds has the images displaying with Position = Absolute, which causes them to not show up at all :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve attached some screenshots of what I’m seeing. (The Preview screenshots are from Chrome, but I’ve also replicated the issue in Firefox.) You’ll notice that the browser has loaded each image, knows its size, knows where to put it (I outlined its cell in red to make sure), knows how many rows there are, etc.; and when I use Chrome Dev Tools to uncheck the “position: absolute” attribute, the image shows up just fine!

Image style settings in app:

Images not showing up due to position evaluating as “absolute”:

Images appearing when “position=absolute” attribute is removed:

Any idea what’s causing this, or what an appropriate fix/workaround might be?

I’m going to add to the mystery:

If I A) remove the logic connector from the Component Tap event (so Component Tap does nothing), or B) uncheck the “position: relative” attribute of the div that allows interaction via Dev Tools, my images become visible once more. This seems to indicate that somehow the way AppGyver constructs the interactivity element is the culprit… I just can’t understand how.



But works if I…

A) Remove onClick logic:


or B) Manually remove “position: relative” from the div the image is nested in, which looks to be the one that controls the click function:

This sounds really odd :open_mouth: I have never encountered this before! Can you share your app id so I could take a look at your setup and recreate this so I can file a bug about it?

That was many saves ago so I don’t know if you’re going to find it. (I ended up creating a workaround where I have a “Select” clickable next to the image, so the user doesn’t click the image directly.) But sure! I’ll message you.

Ah, thanks, although I was too late and it’s unlikely I’ll get any wiser at this point :sweat_smile: